Green Thumb Hack: 8 Ways to Garden for Free

vegetable garden
Gardening is a hobby for many and a profession for many, but in both cases, it is a fun thing to do. Growing fruits or vegetables in the field or garden can provide you with delicious, fresh food. If you want to liven up the garden, make sure to add some bird nests.
Actually, a good garden needs a lot of money. But I am not asking you to spend any money on gardening. How to make a garden by collecting plants for free will be discussed in this article. Here, I describe eight ways to collect plants for free.
take plants from the wild
Take them from the wild

Honestly, you can’t go into the forest and pluck any new or fancy plants. Here, ‘forest’ refers to some places around you. However, there are many plants along the roads that you walk through every day, which are likely to be cut or pulled, or they are not supposed to be there, so collect these plants first. You must be sure that these are not rare or protected plants.

curb shoppinng
Engage in curb shopping

Curb shopping is a novel idea. Instead of waiting on social media for information, you become active in this curb shopping and go out in search of your essentials. Take some free time during the spring and go for a car drive. You will see people cleaning their gardens, and you will find almost all kinds of plants there, waiting for you to rescue them. Collect them.

catalog promotionns
Take advantage of catalog promotions

Catalog promotions are a great opportunity. Look for these promotions because if you buy any seeds, they may offer you additional seeds as a gift, requiring you to spend some money to get free seeds. This way, you can collect seeds of different species for free in exchange for a small investment.

Sign up for the mailing list
Sign up for the mailing list

You should sign up on websites like Home Depot Garden Club or Lowes. They regularly offer buy one, get one free deals. You’ll receive a coupon with the offer, requiring you to buy one item to get the second one free. These coupons can help you save money. Sometimes they run promotions where many people can join for free. So, please include your name on their mailing list.

flea market and yard sales
Check out flea markets and yard sales

You should definitely visit flea markets or yard sales. Many times, sellers bring their plants for sale but don’t take them back if they remain unsold, leaving them there. If you can arrive at the right moment, you might be able to get those unwanted plants for free or at a very low price compared to the previous day.

leftovers from shops and garden centers
Take leftovers from shops and garden centers

It is our tradition to give plants or flowers as gifts on special days like Star or Mother’s Day every year. So, gardens or shops are filled with plants and flowers as gifts during this time, which are usually discarded after the occasion. During these important moments, you should visit gardens and shops so that you can pick them up for free or buy them at a very low price. Many of these plants may be in poor condition, but with a little nurturing, they will recover. So, take care of the plants after bringing them home.


rooted cuttinng
Take cuttings

The easiest way to grow plants is to collect cuttings or make them yourself. Many plants can grow new plants from stems or leaves. When you obtain such plants, you need to soak them in water, and then, as the roots start to emerge, plant them in a container. Since taking cuttings causes very little damage to the original plant, if you ask a friend to give you a cutting from a favorite tree in their garden, they will most likely agree.

join group and club
Join a club or group

You can join any group or club in your neighborhood that is involved in gardening activities. This way, you can attend various gardening events, discuss various topics with interested gardeners, and exchange various seeds and cuttings with them. These clubs often have chat groups on social media where you can seek advice if you don’t understand anything about gardening.

Never need to spend money on plants again

We have found that there are many innovative ways to collect flowers and plants for free, and by using the methods described here, you will never have to spend money.